Benjamin Harvey Miller

I’m an interdisciplinary scientist and artist, broadly interested in how humans interact with machines and how machines interact with the world. Currently a PhD candidate and Fulbright Scholar at MIT, in the Laboratory for Biologically Inspired Photonic Engineering.

My research interests involve using micro and nano engineering, bioengineering, photonics, and computer science, to develop new technologies for human computer interaction and manufacturing, specifically those where the mechanism of action is beyond human perception. This currently includes sensors and displays, and in the future will hopefully extend towards soft robotics, computational fabrication, synthetic morphology, human-AI collaboration, programmable matter, and brain-computer interfaces. My artistic interests involve using existing off-the-shelf technologies to create new experiences, focused around interactive installations that explore emergence, perception, creation, and control.

This website is an attempt to consolidate various projects into one place, but it’s a work in progress so please bear with me. Also LinkedIn still has my background/CV info here.




Contact - benjaminharveymiller [at] gmail [dot] com